MT 2500

MT 2500

MT 2500, folding machine for the production of paper napkins by mechanical nipping; the optimized solution for producing printed and neutral napkins with high qualitative standards of the finished product and high production capacity.
The extreme flexibility of the line, conceived as modular machine, the easy conduction, the big reliability and the production performances feature the machine.  


• One laned modular napkin folding machine
• One, two or more embossers build in line
• Flexo print up to 8 colours
• Motorized printing register
• Print drying system
• Print video inspection system
• Possible folds: 1/4, 1/8, 1/6, etc.
• Automatic transfer to the wrapping
• High production capacity

mt4000 1

MT 4000

MT 4000 – two laned folding machine for the production of paper napkins by mechanical nipping –  the ideal solution for big production capacities of high quality neutral and printed napkins.
The machine features flexibility, high reliability and easy conduction


• Two-laned modular napkin folding machine
• High quality, flexibility and reliability
• One, two or more embossing units build in line
• Flexographic print
• Motorized printing register
• Possibile folds: 1/4, 1/8, 1/6, etc.
• Automatic transfer to the wrapping
• High production capacities

scelta evolution


EVOLUTION is the new generation wrapping machine for napkins and folded products designed and manufactured by O.M.T. .
EVOLUTION is equipped with a CNC system which completely controls the cycle by optimizing all the movements, driven by servomotors, according to the pack size produced. The wrapping machine can wrap from the single packs of small dimensions to the large-sized double packs.

Thanks to the optimized solutions in the equipments, the format changing is very easy and quick.
The solutions integrates in the machines and carefully developed make its own unicity in terms of performances, flexibility and easy conduction


• Fully automatic machine.
• CNC system which controls the cycle according to the wrapped format
• Fast change of the product – maximum flexibility
• The same machine can wrap both single and double pack.
• Available in the speeds: 45 cycles / minute and 65 cycles / minute

a Punta punta senza colla


O.M.T., always listening to the needs of the tissue industry and with an attention to the environment, has  developed the unique glue-less Point to Point Microembosser; 
this innovative system, integrated on board of our napkin folding lines, allows the production of an uncontamined microembossed napkin, free from added chemicals such as the glue and potential bacterial charge. 
The result is a microembossed napkin very soft and bulky and also a ‘green’, eco-friendly final product.


• Microembossing pattern
• Installed on board of our folding machines
• Special position of the unit, placed after the printing station (if present), for a better print quality (web is printed before embossing)
• Unique! Bonding of the plies without glue
• Easy conduction of the embosser
• Available in the models:
    – L 450 with width 500 mm 
    – L 800 with width 850 mm 
• Available also as an independent machine, for installation in line with existing folders.